NES Composite Mod Service


Installation of this mod is on a “made to order” basis and may take longer depending on parts availability.

This service will allow your Nintendo top loader to display composite video instead of the not so good quality RF video.


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This service will allow your console to display composite video, which is an improvement over the original RF video that the Nintendo Top Loader provides. This will also include the ability to output dual mono audio (faux stereo). Optionally, we can also add a LED for the power switch.

There are two options, one is the regular RCA inputs (yellow, white and red), or the TRRS input (3.5 mm audio/video). They both produce the same quality video and audio.

With the RCA inputs, we have to remove the 1800 nintendo sticker from system, and drill three holes on the plastic, it is destructive and not recommended.

With the TRRS input we only remove the RF input, it is much cleaner and it makes it look stock. We highly recommend this one.

This service includes the composite kit (RCA or TRRS input), and labor/installation.


Weight1.3 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7.25 × 3.25 in


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